Welcome to the Fight: Disability Rights, Homecare and the State.

We have long believed that Wobbly was more than a dance company. Wobbly is a philosophy, Wobbly is a way of life that centers around the belief that people with disabilities deserve more than bare bones survival. We deserve to thrive. We deserve to change the world.

To that end we are opening up this website to discussion of the fight for disability rights. Currently, locally and personally the fight centers around access to state funded homecare. We will use this blog to archive conversations happening on Facebook around these topics so that our words will not disappear. We will use this blog to dream bigger, beyond the state to new visions of a glorious interdependence, a new way of neighboring, a new way of belonging. Welcome. The field is open to comment. Hate Speech and disrespect will not be tolerated. Bring your best selves here. Thank you.