"You Too Are Made of Stars" (2014)

Like an ancient ritual performed in the distant future, we dance the dance of fire, love and letting go.
Created and Performed by Wobbly (Erik Ferguson and Yulia Arakelyan), Original music by Dean Moore, Costumes by Jenny Ampersand, Photos by Ward Shortridge.
This piece was created during a 6 month residency at Studio 2@Zoomtopia in Portland, OR.


An evening-length work made in collaboration with Wobbly (Yulia Arakelyan and Erik Ferguson), Mizu Desierto and Nathan H.G. Original music by Roland Toledo.  Promo video by Ian Lucero. This work was supported by the Regional Arts and Culture Council and Water in the Desert.

"Dreaming/Waking" (2010) Duet version

"Dreaming/Waking" (2009) Group version

Created in collaboration with Mizu Desierto.

"Prologue" (2006)

Original music by Guire McGuire.